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11-12-2011, 06:03 PM
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DL isn't the issue. if anything it is that he hasn't been more vocal and critical of the coaching staff. from DL to the coaches, they always talk about accountability when it comes to the players. frankly TMu has had enough talent since last year to go out and play very good hockey every night. as we know that hasn't happened, as there has been games and worse extended bouts of "WTF was that"? this comes on TMu as his job and only job is to have his guys prepared and ready every night, that isn't happening.

now look at this year and the additions made which should bolster the offense and it's the same as always. we are currently in bad stretch of WTF games for the past two weeks and it doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

DL has done a great job of putting in place scouts and a strong development process. he has 'likely' done a good job when it comes to the draft. i say likely because it's to early to really evaluate his picks to date. he has for the most part developed and passed through the last of the Taylor regime's draft picks. many are critical of how he has handled FA's-what he has missed, what he's signed.

i wanted him to sign Kovalchuk as much as the next fan. at the same time i think he did the right thing in not biting on the $100M contract, that would have killed the long-term possibilities of the club. in the day of the salary cap you just can't bite off a contract like that and keep other talent around. the only chance you will have is to hit every draft pick and cheap talent having career years to be successful.

it's time for DL to start holding Murray and his coaches accountable. i think Murray has passed the buck for to long to the players. not once has he stood there and said he or his asst's weren't prepared or failed to get the team ready.

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