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I look at it this way to gauge if its players or Murray

1. Compare players to their position
2. Compare players to where they would fit on other teams

1C - Kopitar - Elite, 2 way, skilled center - fits #1 center on any team
2C - Richards - As far as second line centers he is one of the top in the league.
3C - Stoll - good on face offs, checks, above average offence in the 3C role
4C - Lewis - Energy player with speed. Has abilities and does well in limited role
HM - Loktionov - next in line, could be 3C with an offensive minded coach

*May be the best group of centerman in the league. All can create huge offence for their given roles. We are spoiled to have this depth in the middle. IMO being held back by Murray's uncreative defense first system. Let these boys role.

1RW - Williams - compliments #11 well, close to PPG if healthy. no star but able
2RW - Brown - great 2nd line second tier power forward. 30 goals, 300 hits = great
3RW - Parse - not a fit in TM's system. Offensive talent to play offensive 3 RW role
4RW - Westgarth -enforcer counted on for safegaurding, not scoring - part timer
4RW - Richardson - all roound speed and hustle, offensively able in bottom 6

* Williams is no superstar, but he compliments our superstar. Every position is filled with a player (save Westgarth), that is above average offensively in their position. Any team in the league would cherish Brown who most of us are to hard on.

1LW -Penner- oil and water in TM's system,scored in past when fat, coach vs player?
2LW -Gagne - love him, 2 way guy that has scored 40 in past, stiffeled in this system
3LW - Moreau - our first under average position. he's outta place on 3rd
4LW - Clifford - paying his dues, future 3rd liner, great 4th liner. darkhorse

*When the season started our darkhorse was Penner. Dude got in shape, is big, skilled and should have meshed in an offensive role with Kopitar. The guy does rely on reflex and skill. I truely believe Murrays system is the problem. Gagne is back and healthy, I love seeing him play, but his game is based around speed and creativity, something Murrays system doesn't have. Our problem area for the year should have been the 3rd line LW, something that a trade could address, instead it has become a whole teams futility to put the puck in the net.

1D - Doughty - A speed a skill guy that would thrive if let loose in an offensive and creative offensive system. Most teams would drool to have a guy in the back end like this, what do we do, waste his puck rushing and distribution talent.
2D - Johnson - Diamond in the rough, TM has his head to filled with not making a mistake, taken the creativity out of him. When he starts galloping from his end, things start to happen, sometimes negatively I admit, but other times he backs a 5 player team into their end with his speed and tenasity. Let the reins off and let him evolve
3D - Mitchell - great shutdown guy, plays his role as a saftey cushion for DD. Has an under rated big shot from the point and is fast enough to recover and get back.
4D - Scuderi - JJ's Mitchell. Solid, shutdown guy, takes care of home plate
5D - Greene - our MR Nasty - may be the only player that would suffer in an offensive based system to to lack of skill.
6D- Martinez- the dudes got underated offensive skills, I believe he would thrive in a more uptempo, hit the zone with crisp passes and speed system.
7D - Voynov - yes I included him because he is here to stay in near future, oozes offence, lets hope the system is changed so he can come in an play his style

* Doughty, JJ, Voynov and Martinez - we have a awesomely talented core of offensively gifted players that would help run an offensive based system. We have two players in Scuderi and Mitchell that are defensive stalwarts and would protect the pinching and rushing. We have the perfest blend of Dman to support an offensive attack system.

Quick - this guy plays better when relying on his reflex and pure atheletic abilities. Think of a Grant Fuhr type on the 80's Oilers - he has that type of ability. He is the main reason we can back away from the defensive, boring, uncreative, dump and chase, trap system.

We have guys that have either proven in the past, or have been projected by many exports to be offensive forces. Why has it failed. In my opinion it is Murray's un creative system. Not many teams can boast a three headed dragon in Kopitar, Doughty and Richards with an goalie nearing the Elite ranks and a support cast including Gagne, Brown, Johnson, and even Williams. We have the skill, we just need a skipper that will let the guys play to thier abilities instead of a clipboard.

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