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11-15-2005, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
Embellishments, Erat does it all the time, and it is infuriating. Erat also is prone to taking stick fouls. Hartnell does it to a lesser extent, but I think a lot of power guys do because they are slighted doubly due to their power game. Still, most of the calls he draws are legit, even if he does crank it up on occasion. Kariya - meh, its hard to tell since he is a little waterbug and goes down routinely whether he is trying to draw a penalty or not. Other than Legwand's play tonight, I have never really seen him dive or overtly embelish. I wish I could watch a replay, but other than him grabbing the stick, it still looked like miller flicked Legwand's stick out while trying to wrench Legwands arm off.....that looked like a misfortune penalty more than anything for Miller not a dive (as the Kings announcers kept trying to claim repeatedly.)
My beef with the call against Miller is that Legwand initiated the contact, grabbed Miller's stick, and twisted his body around to cause the fall, and all Miller did on the entire play was hold his position. I'm a King's homer for sure, but just check out Millers PIM's this year - he simply doesn't hold and hook like so many d-men in the league.

I'm not so much concerned about the falls, but rather that guys like Erat and Kariya throw their heads back like they have been shot every time an opponents stick nears the Sabre tooth logo. Kariya tried to draw another penalty during Avery's double-minor by doing just that - the replay showed that the Kings' d-man's stick barely got up to Kariya's waste, but he acted like he lost a couple of teeth! Of course, as a Kings' fan we have been conditioned to such behavior from Kariya

I'm not trying to start a flame session - Hartnell should have been given a double-minor and not a major if you ask me. Of course, I also claimed the same for Avery's run on Gamache. It's always a disgrace when the officiating has a significant outcome on a game, and luckily it didn't hurt you tonight (unlike Roenick's "goal").

I'll state it clearly - we lost because our PP sucks and Vokoun was outstanding as usual.

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