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10-30-2003, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by riz
This is exactly the attitude our management has had for the past years. Be it Smith, be it Sather, I don't care. All the time we are fed this crap that kids should not be trusted because they haven't done anything. And instead, we are being told that these older guys are paid handsomely because they have played so well in the past for other teams. Guess what ? They have played well in the past in other teams because they got the chances to prove themselves, get the experience and earn the trust. All it took for these other teams was patience. That is something this organization does not have.

Kids will never do anything if you don't give them a chance and trust them. You can find examples everywhere around the league. Except with the Rangers.

I feel we are going around-and-around on this issue...
Amazing what happens when you put a kid in the position to succeed. Like tonight. Hope this was one of the games you had a chance to listen to/see, riz. It was a good one.

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