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11-16-2005, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by arrbez
Man, look at some of the guys that are already in the hall (*cough* Gartner, Gillies *cough*). How is Sundin not a HOFer?

When all's said and done (by my estimates) he'll have around 1400 points and 600 goals (most a low scoring era)

Add to that his good playoff play, and spectacular international play, and he should make it easily
But it's not about how many goals or points a player puts up now. It's about how he puts them up. Dino Ciccarelli has proven that. He scored 600 goals over the course of a long period of time. He's been eligible for a few years now, and it'll likely be a long time before he gets inducted, if ever.

A player who plays for a long time and averages 70-80 points a season is not going to get in the Hall. Yes, Sundin has two second team all-star births, but those are likely going to go down as the two most forgetable second team all-star seasons in league history. He's rarely been ranked as a top-10 player in the league. (Only time I can think of is 1996-97). Guys like Sundin, Turgeon, Modano, Recchi, Mogilny, Damphousse and Roenick, who had long careers, put up points, but were not considered top 10 guys for lengthy periods and never strung several great playoffs together, will not get in, at least not right away. (Modano, Recchi, Damphousse and Mogilny do have rings. But only one. And Mogilny was a secondary player on NJ's Cup team in 2000).

I'm not impressed with Sundin's playoff record. He's had a penchant for disappearing, especially at key times. He's never had that dominant, career-defining playoff. He had a few strong games in 1999, but when Toronto needed him against Buffalo, he was getting owned by Mike Peca.

International record is only a factor when dealing with players who spent the majority of their career overseas. Sergei Makarov has one of the finest international portfolios ever, and he's been turned down five times.

Gilmour won a Cup, and had at least three other dominant playoffs. (1986, 1993 and 1994). He was a much better leader and a much better defensive player than Sundin, and a far better player in the clutch. That's why he goes in next year, and Sundin, whenever his time is up, will wait, just like Dino.

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