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11-16-2005, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by arrbez
Whether you believe he should or not is one thing, but I'll guarantee Sundin gets in the hall.

1. He's better than some guys who are already there.

2. Number do still matter, just not to the extent they used to. The numbers Sundin will finish with will be worthy of consideration

3. International-ism does matter. Being one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Swedish captain will count for something

4. And finally, The HHOF criteria, as posted above:

"Playing ability, sportsmanship, character and their contribution to the team or teams and to the game of hockey in general."

On top of being one of the top players of his generation, Sundin is a class act, a good leader, and an icon in Toronto and Sweden
Dino Ciccarelli is better than some players already in there. So are Glenn Anderson, Mark Howe, Rogie Vachon and Sergei Makarov. But they've been waiting for years, and in the case of Rogie, decades, for that call from Hall voters.

Dino finished with over 600 goals. He brought a physical dimension and an intensity that few others with 600 had. He was a career PPG player until his last three years. He had that career-defining playoff that Sundin doesn't. (Dino set a league record for points by a rookie in 1981 while leading his team to the Stanley Cup final). But he's not in. Why is Sundin a HHOFer while Dino Ciccarelli is not. (And I'm not advocating Dino for the Hall. I think he falls just short. I'm just asking why Sundin will get in, while Dino will not).

If all of these Soviet greats like Makarov and Yakushev can't get in the Hall, then why are people convinced that international play will make one iota of a difference for Sundin? Sundin has an impressive international resume, but I don't think it's any better than, say, Adam Foote, who has always excelled for Canada. For the last time, international play only counts FOR THOSE WHO PLAYED THE MAJORITY OF THEIR CAREER OVERSEAS. Name me one player who played the bulk of his career in the NHL who got into the HHOF with international play making a big difference. You can't? Thought so.

I can think of lots of players not in the Hall, or who won't make it into the Hall, who fit No. 4. Mark Recchi and Mike Modano, IMO, have done more in their careers than Sundin. (Key role in a Cup victory, better playoff performance, better numbers, better all-round play, etc). Sundin has done a lot in his career, but there's just too much lacking in his portfolio to get inducted.

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