Thread: PGT: Habs Win!!! 2-1 in OT
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11-13-2011, 07:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Nicko999 View Post
This is what more size up front will do...
4th best team 5 on 5.
Makes sense. So if you have the chance to be bigger up front, don't 'cause we have a good record NOW 5 on 5. Logical.

So let's address every other issue then ok? We're 21st at the faceoff circle, shouldn't we get other centermen? We sucked when we outshoot the opposition, so let's stop shooting. And we're 7th when we let the opposition shoot more, so let's give them the puck so they'd shoot. We're actually 25th when we score first....who says it's important then?

See? You can make stats stay so many things....Being bigger was NEVER meant as a recipe that would change everything. But it addresses a weakness to make that team with a better mix so they could not only be on top of a 5 on 5 stat in November but a better overall team all year long and ESPECIALLY in the playoffs and it would permit you to win with different kinds of style if your usual type of hockey doesn't work on a certain giving night.

We played really well on this small road trip. Much better than I anticipated. Despite a PP that is not working. This is the "good" of what this system might bring. Remains to be seen that they could be consistent with it and that it could bring you to another level. But as of now, we're 12th, close to as high as 6th....which is always what the Habs have shown throughout the years. If that road trip is a sign of better things to come, so be it. Until then, we still are a 6th to 10th place team.

But hey, we are 5th on a stat, why trying to improve?

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