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11-13-2011, 10:03 AM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by Mothra View Post
A case could also be made that they were outplayed in just about every period of that series....and save for some ridiculous goaltending, it doesnt go 7.

Im not suggesting it hangs on BB alone.....they were beat by a better team IMO and it was a 7 gamer because of that longstanding hockey X factor....a hot goalie

I'll say this not sying BB stinks, is a moron, or whatever...but at what point do the full on BB supporters recognize that, to this point....he hasnt gotten it done when it counts.

His teams rack up wins like eating popcorn during the season, and thats important....but when it really matters he loses more than he wins. Lets hope that changes this spring
Hello Mothra, long time.

I think most people agree with the bolded part. Even Tex. Do you feel that many people think otherwise?

It would be pretty hard to disagree with you. Apples to apples comparisons show Bruce hasnt gotten beyond round 2 in the NHL playoffs, ever. There are least a dozen coaches in the league now who have (I havent checked, but at quick glance it's maybe 15 or so)? Bruce hasnt accomplished -- in the playoffs-- what almost half the league's coaches have.

So for sure, thats a blight.

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