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11-13-2011, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by dcyhabs View Post
I get the impression Martin (like Carbonneau) sticks with his initial judgement of players no matter what the player does afterward. He did not like Latendresse, Sergei, D'agostini, Pouliot... In a similar vein he likes veterans, Darche, Pyatt and others. Production does not seem to matter, though defensive errors do appear to impact his confidence in players.

I suspect the ability to handle pressure is the main criteria for Martin, and that he does not believe players who can't deal with him can succeed in the playoffs. I guess we will find out once we see what Sergei, O'Byrne and friends do when they get there.

I agree that Martin has no confidence in Emelin, and Martin rarely gains confidence in a player after his first impression is negative. O'Byrne is the poster child for this one, he had some brutal plays and never got steady playing time afterward even when he was playing well. He went to Colorado and became a reliable, physical D-man.

I think Gauthier needs to have a "burn another asset for nothing and you're fired" talk with Martin. A second option would be playing Emelin with Markov if Markov is ever healthy, inflating his stats, then trading him.

Martin burns assets, and using Pleks on the point has cost 3-4 wins so far, but he does work out defense. I'm still trying to decide if he succeeds in protecting weak D-men or if he has strong D-men that he does not use well. His faith in MAB seems to be justified at this point.
Oh please. What have any of these players really done since leaving. D'agostini has 6 points. He has a good +/- but players like him are everywhere in the NHL. Sergei seems to still have an attitude problem, which is why he was traded in the first place.
Ryan O'byrne is the less used of all of Colorado's defensemen. He's their number 6 and is a -2 on the year. Latendresse I didn't like to see leave but he didn't fit in our speedy forwards group and the vision they had for the team. Personally I wouldn't want him back right now. You can take any NHL team and look at players they let go and you're going to find some they probably could have kept.

None of these guys did anything remotely spectacular and didn't play in the playoffs for the most part.

Pouliot? really?

Mathieu Darche has the least icetime of ANY of our regular players. Last night he was not used on the PP either. Same with Pyatt last year. He averaged about 10 minutes icetime per game.

Give me a break.

Originally Posted by Munchausen View Post
Martin has never been about aggression. He likes his players smart and well positioned. Aggressive hitting machines are usually the exact opposite. That's why we have so few, that's why Moen turned into a much softer version of his former self. That's also probably why we haven't seen PK go for the big hit in a while and why O'Byrne never got the confidence from the coach. Also why Emelin will likely suffer the same fate. It's all very predictable.

The only thing that could save Emelin right now is if he can demonstrate he can play mistake free positional hockey, which he hasn't done yet. It's a bit unfair to him because his game is about aggression and he's clearly being held back, just like all the other I'm sure very frustrated physical players that have played for Martin in the past.

As long as Martin coaches this team, there will not be an overly aggressive player on it, especially a young unproven one, simply because it goes against what he preaches.
I'll take a Travis Moen who is a +7 and tied for second in goals on the team over a Travis Moen who is out of position to make big hits any day of the week.

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