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11-13-2011, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by truebluegoalie View Post
Well that stat is a little bit more difficult to find, but if your argument is that he only had 3 goals in 76 games because he didn't have a lot of ice time I am not really sure it is a solid argument considering in those same amount of limited minutes he managed to rack up 174 PIM. Not to mention going offsides an insane amount of times.
His TOI was insanely limited last year, and you know it. You're just not going to score that way. And he racks up PIM for obvious reasons, considering that he is often sent out to agitate. Plus, multiple five-minute penalties for fighting.

Originally Posted by truebluegoalie View Post
I was a fan of Avery during his first tenure here, but the fact is that now, despite this win streak which coincidentally is the same amount of games since his callup, Avery hasn't been the same sine his BS suspension. Don't get me wrong, in the meantime I will support him as a Ranger and hope he gets more goals like last night because it was pretty, but I think he has run his course here and like I said his value is grossly overstated.
Always a coincidence, huh? You guys must get embarrassed having to say that so often.

As for his value being grossly overstated--we supporters mostly say he is a spark, a great forechecker, a solid agitator/fighter. We also acknowledge that his offensive skills are somewhat underrated. We don't say he's a dynamo, though.

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