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11-13-2011, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by sabrefan27 View Post
It seems like he's adjusting skill wise a lot better than he is physically. I like what I see from him, already a lot of improvement. But he's definitely not playing physical - at all.
I wouldn't say he isn't being physical - at all. He's just not going out there looking to put someone through the glass and/or take dumb penalties. He's physical for puck control and position down low.

For instance, last night. He was just plain dropped in front of the net by a cross check in the back from, if I remember right, Travis Ehrhardt. BZK gets up looks at Ehrhardt and immediately cross checks him back. They continue to yap as they move up the ice to a line change. Just before BZK gets to the bench, there was another player coming from the opponents bench. He does a quick shoulder shrug to make like he was just going to lay him out. He doesn't, and smiles as he gets on the bench.

Another point last night, Kassian got his stick stuck on the end boards. After ripping it out of the boards/glass partition, he finds that the blade is broken. He was behind in the play and skates by our bench and rips Legault's stick out of his hands. Legault looks around as if to say, "wtf just happened?". BZK goes into the defensive zone and still being pissed about his broken stick rocks two Griffins near the half-wall.

His edge is still there. It's just not taking stupid penalties and being more focused on winning and the team.

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