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Originally Posted by ComradeChris View Post
I usually work out 4 days a week with weights training my legs, back, core, abs, arms, shoulders, and the chest. I try to work it all in during one week so my muscles are only being trained really once a week. Now in saying this I was thinking about changing up my workout routine from the norm and see if I see any spikes in strength gain because of it. I was thinking about switching to working each area for a whole week and then doing the same for the next one.

Week 1 Legs

Week 2 Back

Week 3 Core and Abs

Week 4 Chest

Week 5 Shoulders

Week 6 Biceps, Triceps, forearms

Doing the same thing working out 4 days a week, but isolating the exercises to one area for a week before moving on. I'm only planning on doing this routine once. So once the 6 weeks are over I'm going back to my normal routine where all body parts are worked in a week. I just felt like this might allow me the ability to exceed the plateaus I'm experiencing in my lifting and allow me to take it to the next level.

What say you? Under a regime such as this would it be cause for overtraining?

definately not enough rest!! vut it down to a 4 days

day 1 chest
day 2 legs
day 3 rest (some light cardio)
day 4 shoulders and back
day 5 arms
days 6 rest
day 7 rest

then mix in abs all around in your work out days

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