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I guess I should say a few words on why the Indians should win. It's hard to do comparisons since our opponent doesn't have linked profiles, but I'll do what I can.

1. Defensemen

I think we have the best balanced group of defensemen in the draft, and it might be the most talented.

Leo Lamoreaux has the best All Star record in this series:

12th in AS voting in 43-44 (war year)
8th in AS voting in 44-45 (war year)
6th in AS voting in 45-46

Stanley Cups in 1944 and 1946

Hard to tell just how great he was because of the war years, but it's safe to say he was quite a bit better than Rathje.

Our defense has excellent balance:

Lamoreaux is a LH two-way defensemen with a physical edge (and IMO, one of the few true #1s at the AAA level). McCarthy is a RH offensive defenseman known for his leadership. This pairing will push the offense without giving away too much defensively.

Picard is a LH two-way defenseman (more offense than defensive) with a very good physical game. Cahan is a RH stay at home physical brute. This pairing can move the puck and defend, and will physically punish the opposition.

Gill is a LH shutdown defensemen with an incredibly reach. Morris is a RH fast-skating two-way guy. This pairing will not be scored on by AAA-calibre forwards that often.

If need be, Muzz Patrick can be inserted into the lineup for more muscle.

2. Special Teams

Our opponents have not made special teams, but even if they do, I don't see how they could compare to Springfield's.

a. Power play

Both teams have good offensive forwards (possible edge to our opponents), but Springfield's units are well constructed, with a forward who should be great in front of the net on each unit (Modin, Guidolin). If HC Davos has the edge at forward, it is more than compensated for the advantage Springfield has on the point.

I don't see defensemen on HC Davos who can compete with the offense provided by Picard, McCarthy, and Lamoreux. Morris isn't bad either. Both units have a LH and RH shot, which allows shots and one-timers from both sides of the ice.

b. Penalty Kill

Hal Gill might be the best penalty killing defensemen available at this level, and Cahan is a physical beast who will keep the crease clear of opposing forwards. Our #1 overall defenseman (Lamoreux) is on the second unit along with Derek Morris, who killed a surprisingly high number of penalties over his career. Picard's physicality makes him a good 5th option for the PK.

The biggest difference is in the PK forwards - specifically at center. Springfield has 2 centers who can be trusted to play big PK minutes. I might be missing something, but from what I know, HC Davos appears to be lacking a second option to take faceoffs on penalties. Lapointe can do it, but who else?

3. Team Defense

Springfield's bottom two lines can both function as checking units (though neither is inept offensively). Our first line is also quite good defensively and our second line has Hicke functioning as a defensive conscience. This versatility is invaluable come playoff time, as it enables Coach Weiland to focus more on getting the lines that are playing well out there and less on the matchup game.

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