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11-13-2011, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
They are all to blame. If Paterno didn't want him there, he wouldn't have been there. The AD is not going to overrule Paterno on anything, especially if the topic is whether or not to allow an alleged child pervert to use campus facilities and host football camps on campus, etc.

The information to the public is this: a reliable source (i.e. a coach on his staff) told him at least that a kid was in a shower inappropriately with Sandusky and at most that a kid was getting was getting *****. With either of those things being known to Joe Pa, his inaction should be enough to fire him. Even if he was telling the AD not to let him on campus and the AD shot him down, at that point, why not go to the police? I understand (though I don't agree with it) why he wouldn't go right to the cops, but to allow him to be around and to send your players to help out at his camps and to promote his camps and associate them with the school, is failure by everyone from top to bottom.

As far as being cleared, they didn't clear him of any wrongdoing. All they said was at this time they aren't investigating him. You think he just hired a well respected criminal defense attorney if he was cleared of wrongdoing?

But we do know that those things didn't happen. If they happened, this wouldn't be the same issue. if the AD told Joe Pa that it was over and he was cleared or it was handed the police, Joe Pa wouldn't be saying things like I wish I could have done more, and he certainly wouldn't neglect to mention that he followed up and did do more. He said he met with the AD and Prez the next morning. That's it.

Well I guess we just disagree on this. Also, even if it was just a way of covering the board's ass or the University's ass, that is exactly what they should have done. This is a prestigious university. Trying to distance itself from everything related to this scandal is the best possible thing, even if it adversely affects Joe Pa or others on the staff. I know Penn State football is popular and it makes money for the school, but the University is more important. Even if it turns out Joe Pa did 100% everything right, wouldn't it be better for the University to have to apologize to Joe Pa and his fans for wrongfully firing him rather than apologize to the victims and the outraged public that they kept him on the payroll?
I think we agree for the most part, actually.

To the extent we disagree, it really depends on how you interpret Paterno's call to Curley and the subsequent involvement of Curley and Schultz. If Paterno says "hey, the perv is at it again, we need to make this go away," then its obviously a major problem. If the call was "hey Tim, something might have happened yesterday, I don't know why MM didn't call the police, but you better call the head of a 256-officer police force and have him or the appropriate authorities look into this," it is something else entirely. One of the great disservices that ESPN et. al. have done here is to suggest that no one contact law enforcement. They did--the university police department is a certified law enforcement agency. The key question is what, if anything, was done after Schultz was notified.

I don't read much into Paterno hiring an attorney. Everyone knows a civil suit is coming, and given his political connects, Sollers might well be an old acquaintance from JoePa's involvement with the GOP. The BoT all but admitted that they made their decision based on PR rather than a potential criminal charge.

In the end, I agree that Paterno had to go in order for the university to move on, and I don't blame the BoT for the action they took. I think they could have done it differently, but I don't envy their position.

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