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11-13-2011, 08:20 PM
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Having issues posting so sorry if this is a double post...

Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
I think we agree for the most part, actually.

To the extent we disagree, it really depends on how you interpret Paterno's call to Curley and the subsequent involvement of Curley and Schultz. If Paterno says "hey, the perv is at it again, we need to make this go away," then its obviously a major problem. If the call was "hey Tim, something might have happened yesterday, I don't know why MM didn't call the police, but you better call the head of a 256-officer police force and have him or the appropriate authorities look into this," it is something else entirely. One of the great disservices that ESPN et. al. have done here is to suggest that no one contact law enforcement. They did--the university police department is a certified law enforcement agency. The key question is what, if anything, was done after Schultz was notified.
Did they contact the Penn State Police though? I though that was what happened in 1998 when a kid's mother made a complaint and they closed the investigation or whatever (even though he apparently admitted to inappropriate behavior and said he wouldn't shower with kids again), then a few years later the shower **** thing happened and that's where the failure began. If they contacted the police after the McQueary ordeal, that is a different story, but I am pretty sure they didn't, otherwise this wouldn't be an issue. If they did this heat would be aimed at the police, not the university. If you tell the police and nothing happens, its out of your hands, but as far as I know the McQueary allegations were never followed up with any police contact, hence the outrage.

I don't read much into Paterno hiring an attorney. Everyone knows a civil suit is coming, and given his political connects, Sollers might well be an old acquaintance from JoePa's involvement with the GOP. The BoT all but admitted that they made their decision based on PR rather than a potential criminal charge.

In the end, I agree that Paterno had to go in order for the university to move on, and I don't blame the BoT for the action they took. I think they could have done it differently, but I don't envy their position.
Yeah it was a definitely a PR move, but a move that had to be made.

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