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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
just thought I'd highlight that.

If he is the only Bolt on your roster, first, shame on you. Second, Purcell is maybe the laziest Bolt, but more intense than anyone else on your team because of the aforementioned. You can only hope that Purcell's intensity rubs off on the rest of your team via transitive properties.
i don't follow the bolts so i don't know too much about them except for the main players, i also have vinny on my team. the bold part is what scares me the most about purcell, so few hits and blocked shots, he seems like he stays away from the physical part of the game, doesn't really play defense, and doesn't travel towards the front of the net. is he more of a playmaker only trying to set up stammer?

Originally Posted by Mile High View Post
Personally, I would pick up Hejduk since he gets 1st line minutes. He'll also produce more goals, sog and PPP. Purcell plays with Stammer on the 2nd line but he's very inconsistent and plays on the 2nd PP. +/- don't seem to be good for Tampa as a whole (same with COL however) and Purcell won't provide anything in PIMs. If sg is shootout goals, then Tampa also isn't good in shootouts nor does Teddy go that often. If you're looking for bs and hits, I'd go with Oshie. Order should be 1) Hejduk 2) Purcell and 3) Oshie imo.

Also, it all depends on what your team is short in, but Hejduk is the best across the most categories of all 3 (Goals, PPP, SOG).
sg is shorthanded goals. i actually had hejduk initially but i dropped him for purcell b/c he starts so slowly and b/c i have statsny and landeskog. this is my first year playing fantasy and i autodrafted too many players on the same teams. just trying to figure out what to do. thanks for the input.

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