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11-14-2011, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by KevyD View Post
I don't think it is as close as you think...

Suter is very good. Jack Johnson however has had the worst +/- in the NHL over the last 3 years. Yandle was horrible in the playoff against the Red Wings and is unproven in big games.

Maybe we are both wrong and it is somewhere in the middle.

I'm not sure. Year in and year out, the U.S. does horribly at the World Championship - on the big ice. I have seem some of your favourites play at the WC and they do not play well.

On the small ice, IMO, it is Canada and the U.S. for Gold going forward. One the big ice, either team could fall on their face.
You're too caught up in paper analyzing and names. Now, I understand that's part of the fun and killing the time until the next tournament process, but this is the same stuff people spewed (although this is obviously much more subdued) leading up to the 2010 Olympics. Everyone wrote off Team USA except some of us USA fans. Most of the top hockey nations are filled with world class players. Anything can happen. Majority of those ended up with serious egg on their face. Everyone here gets it. We did this rodeo last time. Paper roster vs. Paper roster Canada is going to win every time against any country you match them up against. Thankfully for our enjoyment, they still play the games and there's tons of ways they can shake out.

The truth of the matter is a lot of the teams are true gold medal contenders. It just depends on how it all shakes out. Did you expect Brian Rafalski to have such a great 2010 Olympics? Demitra to lead the tournament in scoring? Niklas Hagman to finish Top 10 in scoring? Handzus and Zednik to outscore Gaborik? I guarantee you no one did. That's because at this level these players are all good enough to do damage. It just depends on which players gel and get hot in a 7 game stretch. That's it.

Sure, the US usually sucks at the World Championships but it's for more reasons than it just being on the big ice, although that plays at part. USA Hockey treats the tournament like an obligation instead of an opportunity. The players treat it even worse than that. And frankly, most American players just don't care about it. They didn't grow up reading about it, hearing about it, watching it, or even wanting to play in it. It still gets next to no coverage in the US. It is what it is. We all wish they cared more and treated it with more respect but they don't. Hopefully that will change. And while they've struggled, they've also had bad luck in that tournament recently that led to them missing out on a few medals. The results they've had historically are still pathetic though.

I hope the IIHF and NHL can compromise. NHL will allow the players to play in 2014 as long as the games are on NHL ice. Sure, it's beneficial to North American players and I like that but frankly, it's just much more entertaining hockey than the Olympic sized ice.

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