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11-14-2011, 02:13 AM
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Here we go again.


You don't "fix" it by acquiring a tough guy to throw up token fights.

Every team relies on some sort of a combination between skill, size and speed.
If your top players don't have size and don't play a physical game, you'll never be an intimidating team physically.
No matter how good your Peters is, if the other team has a Chara and Lucic, you'll end up physically inferior for the most important parts of the game, when the best players are on the ice.

Also, I'd like to throw two apparently common misconceptions out the window:

- teams need to be stupidly tough to win (Anaheim 06/07, Boston)...
Simply not true, every team has some guys that come through in the playoffs, but really, the most successful franchise in the last 20 years has never been what you might call "tough" (Detroit, ofc).
Chicago, Carolina, Pittsburgh... All had some toughness, but were never defined by it as Boston or Anaheim were.

- tough teams don't get their players run.
Utter nonsense. On that same mega-tough Boston team, Bergeron and Savard got rocked in the last couple of years.
Response? Token fight vs the guy that hit them, that's it.


If you want a team that has size and toughness as an identity, you'll have to:
- wait for guys like Kassian and Armia to break in, and hope they play a physical game
- basically change the make-up of the team (top-6/9 forwards need to have more size etc.)
- realize that the current team isn't built that way, and hasn't been built that way since the lockout.

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