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11-14-2011, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post

If that's true about him agreeing he'd play in Hamilton for some stint, I find it weird they'd let that stipulation in because I think players would start handcuffing teams into that more often...but also it is good to hear and hopefully once everyone is healthy (LOL!!!) he can either be playing nightly (or even every other game) in the NHL, or playing 20+ minutes a night for a couple of months in the AHL. I really like the sounds of that. Especially if he's got the want and enthusiasm to get better and sees it as an opportunity to work on his game and play some bigger minutes.
What's true? Emelin may agree to play in the AHL? Is there an article on this I missed? 'Because this would be great for Emelin and our Habs, but...I'm always afraid that Emelin will just think ''**** this, I'm outta here''.

20 minutes in the AHL right now is way better than just practicing and being a healthy scratch (obvious). 10-20-30 games for his confidence...until we have injuries to our dmen. Avtsin could help with english although I'm not sure if Avtsin is semi-fluent now or less...?

I hope management doesn't trade him since his value can't be that high right now.
Not as high as when he will be playing 18min+/game, and that's when we will want to keep him anyway. Can't trade him even though I know that the thread starter wasn't talking about trading Emelin but just brought it up because Emelin is not playing and may lose patience and bolt for Russia (WE DON'T WANT THAT AFTER ALL THAT WAITING FOR EMELIN!!! 5-6+ years of waiting!!).

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