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11-14-2011, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Yarfangor View Post
Listen I know I've opened a Can of Worms in mentioning DD and him not being a top 6 forward. But lets agree on something here.

Martin St.Louis is a workhorse, with a ridiculous shot, incredible hockey sense, and one of if not the fastest player in the NHL.

DD has an OK shot, hockey sense is quite good, but his speed is quick, yet not jaw dropping. Smaller players if not ridiculously fast need an edge, or some sort of lower body strength to keep going in the NHL.

St.Louis was fortunate enough to be gifted with all of the above, so I don't think DD and Marty should be spoken about in the same context here.

I never said DD is not an NHL player, but the original Question was Eller or DD, and for obvious reasons I've chosen Eller, because DD is by no means a top 6 forward, nor an untouchable, and I think people have to realize that he is 25, climbed the ladder yes, but is still not a blazing fast high-octane skilled forward that people make him out to be. (I am not saying you are making him to be that, just a general statement of what I've seen on this board)
Was Martin St Louis this type of player at 24 years old when he broke into the NHL?
Was Martin at 24 the same player he is today?

Right , as i said give DD his fair share of time, and then will talk .


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