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11-14-2011, 11:34 AM
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Are there worse players in?
Is he a nice enough guy to get some "extra points" down the road?
"Extra points" for his play with his national team?
Will he get in?
Would I have him in my "ideal Hall of Fame"?

Still, being from Sweden, hes one of my fav NHL-players the last 15 years and I will be happy the day hes elected. As stated above - a nice guy who has always been superb in the national sweater. One of the guys you always knew youve would get some high level ice hockey from.

Would love for the Hall to have some sort of "line/pair/five-section". Though not good enough on their own The Pizza Line would rightfully belong there.

And not a fan of the "no Stanley-argument" I actually think there would be no debate if Ottawa had won it in 2007 (or 2005 ). Cant blame Alfie for that, hes the one who actually showed up in the finals.

On a side note: When looking strictly at numbers (wich Im not a fan of...) hes actually quite comparable to Sundin - one I most certain would like to have in the hall in a near future. And also one who gets to hear the "no Stanley-argument" from those who likes that. Would expect them to be bunched togheter more in 10 years when people dont have a fresh remembrance of their playing days.

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