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11-14-2011, 11:59 AM
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Not likely to be this lucky, but best case scenario is:

He spends almost whole year on farm, comes up for proverbial "cup of coffee", and sticks, then works hard on his game w/special attention/training, and can compete next training camp.

Why is this even remotely feasible?
Because he is a stay at home D. Less skating is required, by design. If he has a partner who can do the skating/breakout/etc. --- Del Zotto? --- he can get by as late as year's end on this barebone basis.

If no Vtank, Parlett, etc step up, I see your lineup as the projected 7. However, Woywitka so far seems like a reasonable 7th. Guys like Hal Gill may come available affordably.

The question is, if help is available for the right F, will we have to part with one of these Ds. Assuming you have to give to get, and going by holding on to potential [as opposing to selling high upside on the cheap], then for the right price only Girardi or Sauer might be moved.

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