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11-14-2011, 02:02 PM
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this schedule sucks. everyone has already addressed the rest issue, but without knowing your sleep regimen, age, genetic potential, lifting experience, and which steroids you are taking, it COULD be ok, but probably not.


first of all, there's far less context than needed to make a complete judgement. more specifically, what is your lifting schedule like right now? what is the weight you are pushing in your worksets in the major lifts (squat/bench)? what has your progression been like? how many lbs did you add to your squat in the past 3 months? if you are stalling, explain what have you tried to overcome the plateau?

secondly, and most importantly, i suspect you are not anywhere close to being a candidate for the hypertrophy routine like the one you proposed. you should realize that when bodybuilders switch to hypertrophy and isolation programming, they do not completely cut out the basic compound lifts. they do isolation IN ADDITION to pushing maintentance weight in the compound exercises.

finally, the wisdom of doing this IN SEASON, or at the very least while also actively playing/practicing hockey, is ignorant at best, and just plain ******** at worst.

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