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11-14-2011, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by JabbaJabba View Post
Welcome to Finland then! Can I ask why you move here? It's not like you couldn't be a docker in some place else, just wondering...

I have to agree with people who say that Finns aren't know for they social skills. Don't worry, you will find friends but don't feel bad if it takes some time and few failed attempts to do so.

Do you have place to stay yet?
Thanks mate ! Well the dockers situation in Canada isn't the best right now, the company i work for has several links in several scandinavian ports so they offered jobs in Finland and Norway to the youngest and early recruited guys. As for the place to stay, we are searching right now, hopping to find a place as soon as possible, even if we are moving in october 2012. My wife just discovered the Itškeskus shopping centre.... women...

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