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10-31-2003, 04:02 AM
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That was the worst game i saw this year...
They were out of sink. You caould see they were trying but they never could establish anything in the offensive zone. What did they have? 3 scoring chances? There were plenty of turnovers, bad play, did they make 2 passes in a row all night??? I can't pick nobody and say:"he has played well!" Beside Potvin for sure. Maybe Boynton and Jillson but thats all.
We should be happy with the point Potvin stole us cause the players in front of him have done everything to get 0 point.
But its one of those games....
It sure change to see us steal a point in a Mtl-Bos game... I hope every guys went to see Potvin after the game to thank him for the point he earns by himself...
Now we have to rebond against the pens and get the win on saturday.
Thats already one bad loss in a row against a lower team, we can't have two...

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