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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
I guess...

The problem is football is still happening. Hence no hockey talk.

When football is over, it will be a week until pitchers and catchers meet. Still no hockey talk.

Then it will be March madness. Again no hockey talk.

It will now be April. Baseball starts. Still no hockey talk.

I don't see where the "growth in popularity" will happen.
True to a point. I certainly don't expect non hockey fans to start watching NHL games suddenly. However, have you ever watched SportsCenter when all that is going on is baseball? It is horrifically boring... and I like baseball. They will be smart enough to mix in story lines and highlights from hockey- not because they want to necessarily, but because they HAVE to for entertainment sake. Here's hoping that a few bored basketball fans like something that they see and get interested.

This will work best if the NHL is smart enough to capitalize on a vacant NBA market- advertising, package game deals, prime time exposure, etc. The Thanksgiving game is a good start...

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