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10-31-2003, 05:08 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd
Too bad that Cassidy didn't realize that having three career minor leaguers and a rookie on defense every game wasn't a reason to keep a checking line together before they sent Konowalchuk packing.
If never fails to amaze me how many of you $parc fans criticize your coach for player moves. Maybe he does make them in Washington, but I don't think so. I know that PHat Teddy Log-on does a lot of strange things in regard to running a team . . . but I'm betting that Geo. McFLY still carries the 'fool' responsibility for player moves.
And wasn't Geo. McFLY quoted as saying he had already told Konowalchuk that he would not be offered a contract and the end of the season? Konowalchuk was reported to have sold his home . . . so it looks like McFLY already had that deal a brewing . . . don't you think?

The bad news is there is a waiver pickup on the first line with Lang and Jagr. I had a Ciernik flashback when I saw that. Another one when I saw that Miller might be Portland bound.
All that a coach can do is play the personnel he is handed. Those that support the GM beyond a reasonable doubt can portray the roster as being someone else's responsibility . . . but it really isn't. It's solely McFLY's.

One last point. I think we all are impressed to one level or another by Eminger. He has played well, but you need to look only as far as his -8 to see that it would be much better if he were not second on the defense in minutes played just yet.
Txpd . . . for two years most of your postings have been to heap moocho criticism on Jagr and conversely, heaping moocho praise on Kolzig. It's in fashion right now to heap it all on Jagr mostly because it's easy. People love to kick those rich guys in the ribs, especially when they are down. However, when looking at Eminger's MINUS 8 . . . IMHO, much of that comes from the goaltender you have heaped praise on for so many years. He's the major one who is stinking up the joint.
Here's my question to you: Eighteen-year old MAF shutout the Blackhawks and brought his record behind a defense that I'd think you would admit is worse than the $parc to 2-2-2. His GAA is 1.96 . . . his SV% is .946 for crÍpes sake.
You $parc continue playing Olie the Goalie with his GAA of 3.45 . . . and a SV% of .859! Now, you can't blame Cassidy for that because his only choice is Kolzig or Charpentier. Although Kolzig's SV% is worse than Sabastien Charpentier's I mean, Charpentier is no treat to get you guys out of the funk you are in, is he?
Do some of you guys need to be hit over the head with a freaking hammer!
Why wouldn't you fans be screaming for Maxime Ouellet? Czech his stats out in Portland.

Kolzig has picked up right where he left off last season losing four in a row to the DEADbolts. There are not very many goalies playing any worse than Kolzig right now . . . and that includes the backup goalies.

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