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10-31-2003, 04:31 AM
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Originally Posted by ClarkeMustGoDotCom
i will buy the NHL center ice package instead.
I did this for this season, after getting insanely frustrated with ESPN's hockey coverage last year (namely, the 4 or 5 Flyers' games they said they would show, then didn't), and it rocks. Well, I did miss the one game I had my brother over to watch (the Pens game the first weekend) due to technical difficulties, but otherwise, you get 'em all. The only downside is sometimes you have to deal with crappy announcers. Yes, even worse then Gary Thorne and Bill Clement (who still can't get some of the calls right even after looking at the replay). I'm still trying to sort out how the pick which feed to use. I thought for a while it was the visiting team's feed, but last night they had the Devils' feed. Very confusing, I must say.

As for the game, the refs were indeed horrible. That phantom interference call alone would have me ticked off, the crap called on Pitkanen was enough to push it over the top. What game were they watching out there???

Anyway, nice goal by Gagne...that move was sweet, and Brodeur had no chance on that one. Other than that, the Flyers could not match the Devils. And the PP needs to execute better. It looked awful most of the time last night. I know NJ is one of the better penalty killin teams in the league, but still...the Flyers must improve on their special teams. Oh, and their aim...move a couple of shots an inch or two in, and the Flyers win this game 4-2. That was ridiculous. Ah well...bring on the next game! Should be another good one.

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