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10-31-2003, 05:46 AM
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Slowly but surely it's coming together and they're learning how to win in todays NHL on a consistent basis.

They have shown that they are learning the patience game and although they haven't had the benifit from the occasional PP goal which are essential in these tight games, especially ones that give you a lead, they have hung in their and grinded in these low scoring affairs.

Lundy played a great game in that he took it upon himself to play a very, very involved game and the result was him getting a fluke goal in attempting to center it from behind the net and a secondary assist through sheer hard work along the boards as well as bringing a level of skating that the lineup desperately needs.Great job Jamie and keep looking to stay involved in your play.

And for all the BS Mess takes or has taken he has been great this year for us thus far.Great move to get his stick free for the goal off a beautiful feed from Matty but Mess is shwoing yet that he still can be a factor and a contributor to this team.

I can't wait till he gets the 2 more points to move past Gordie.To me that will be the personal achievement highlight of the season---how can it not be?With 2 of the next 3 at home I really, I mean really hope he gets it in one of those 2 while I'm in attendance to show my appreciation for the Captain.

Simon continues to play very well in his role and he's bringing the toughness we need from him.BS call but it won't deter him.Unfortunately this is the way it is in todays NHL--a hit too hard or deemed to be too vicious, even if legal is called and bigger body players are the ones that get shafted with all these BS calls.

Dunny looked fantastic again and Kovie and Nedved seem to be getting into their groove.Hopefully Hlavac can step it up to help the other 2 out which he hasn't come close to doing yet.

Holik is diplaying the meaness that we pay him an absurd amount of money to bring and his line looked really good with AC-Rosie.Carter appears to have more confidence on Holik's line and I think he asserts himself more there as he feels he's the man on the line offensively and the one counted on to get the offense going from that line.

Bouchard made some great plays to breakup some golden scoring chances at least twice, Poti was showing some discipline as Sam and JD pointed out in just getting pucks deep at the appropriate time---something he and the team didn't do enough the last few yrs and one of the "little things--attention to deal things" that are a big factor in winning in todays NHL where there is a very thin line between wins and losses most night.

Vlad made some good plays offensively but was again terrible in his own and and Kaspairitis still can't assert himself to the degree he has to for him to be a factor.Boris had some ups and downs.I can't wait for Leetch to get into the top 6.

I guess we'll see Jussi in nets in Montreal where hopefully we can really get the ball rolling.In Montreal at home for Col and Dallas all within a 3 games in 4 nights, 4 in 6 is a tall order but if they get into a groove they can really use this as a possible launching pad to good things.

I say Leetch comes back vs Col and Lindros vs Dallas.

One last note---not a bad homestand to open the yr.The one loss was a game we were clearly the better team outchancing them 25-11 as per JD.Not bad for a team trying to get acclamated to a totally new system and one where our best skater in Leetch missed all the games and Lindros missed the last 2.

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