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11-14-2011, 06:50 PM
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Bad advice? Lets touch on some of the things you brought up.

First you said,

""switch things up"? there's no indication that he needs a programming change. and going from barbell curls to incline dumbell curls is very similar to switching from white shoelaces to black shoelaces on your road games. i can't think of two more worthless exercises for the average player."

Isn't that what he is asking? He has plateaued and asking if he should do something different. So tell me this, when you workout do you change your routine or do you just stick with the same lifts? About the curls, is he not working his arms? I gave him an example about switching his lifts up to help him through his plateau and that was it. Also did he say he was working out to improve his game? What if he was asking a general fitness question about getting stronger?

Next you said,

"and finally, going for super volume to the tune of 4 sets to failure with no rest is quite possibly the biggest injury risk he can take on. it's also pretty LOL that you said "take 10-15% of the weight off", then proceeded to prescribe sets of 225-215-200-185."

This is an overload principal that will help gain strength and mass. However I should have explained you rest between lifts. Do your 4 sets of squats then rest for 5 minutes and do your four set of bench then rest another 5 minutes and do your 4 sets for your back and rest and so on. I have never been hurt in the last 15 years of doing these drop sets. You were right about my math however, I was at work, but I think I got my point accross.

These suggestions I gave work for me and they have been proven time and time again to create size and strength.

p.s. you did have a good point about upping his protein and calories per day.

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