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11-14-2011, 07:09 PM
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1) he THINKS he may have plateau-ed, which I am not convinced he has. if he has not significantly stalled (see list of things to try in my post above), he should stay on a beginner program. he has not told us what program he is on, but any "switching" he should is TO the beginner's program if he is doing something else. there's no such thing as "spikes in strength". there's only linear gains for beginners, and sub-linear gains for intermediate/advanced lifters.

curls are useless unless you are a bodybuilder. there i said it. going from barbell curls to dumbells is even worse, because you can certainly load a barbell more effectively than dumbells. there's a time and place for dumbells, this is not one of those. if you want to work arms, do bench/ohp for pushing, and rows/pullups for pulling.

2) the overload principle is not what you think it means. any maximal effort is an overload. it has nothing to do with "tak[ing] 10%-15% of the weight off and lift again, resting only for the time it takes you to take the weight off the bar" and continuing the lift until further failure. doing heavy lifts past failure promotes bad technique BY DEFINITION, and thus introduces unnecessary risk of injury.

3) great, these suggestions work for a sample size of yourself. please don't recommend them to the general public without further clinical research.

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