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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
OP, I have a suggestion. When RangerBoy posts that stuff, just assume he's right. It's easier and you won't end up looking foolish later.

I'll save this and repeat it back to both of you when the Rangers have more than $7 in cap space available under the new deal, assuming we don't re-sign any of our UFAs or MZA.

Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
Kreider will get around 1,4 or so with bonuses I would think. Kolarik will not be on the team. Prust at 1,8M sounds a bit high... but maybe. Parlett will not be a 7th defender. Del Zotto is RFA and will get around 1,8M (Anisimov money). Biron is UFA and will get a bit more than now. Drury still has around 1,7M of buyout cost next year. The cap roof can only be speculated about - but I personally think it will be close to this years cap - or go down at most by 5%. I am sure there are other opinions here - but let them be heard. I think Parise is not going to fit onto this team, sorry...
My numbers were estimates. Some (Kreider) might get a little more, some (Prust) might get a little less. Whether our #7 and #13 are Parlett and Kolarik is irrelevant for the purposes of salary because it will be someone cheap. Biron will not be able to command a lot of money. Star UFAs get a lot of money, not backups in their mid-30s. If he wants a significant raise, we can sign someone else just as good.

Also, it's important to remember that what I wrote is based on the worst case scenario.

- I am assuming there is no revenue increase like we always see year to year, that there will be not even the slightest revenue increase from the NBA lockout, that the only thing Winnipeg brings back are ticket sales and that it fails to sell any merchandise (impossible considering they haven't sold anything for the 15 years they had no franchise).

- I am also assuming that there are no salary rollbacks.

- I am also assuming that the cut in the salary cap would be immediate and not gradual.

It's HIGHLY unlikely that all of those things would happen. Again, I would bet anything with any person on this forum that all those things will not happen. One of those? Maybe. All of them? Impossible. But that's exactly what I'm assuming: that everything goes wrong for NHL revenue.

Under any scenario other than "all financial s--t goes bunkers, and players only care about preventing salary rollbacks and nothing else", there is no major salary cap cut.

But even if there is a salary cap cut, then we can still squeeze in Parise. And if not, then don't re-sign Prust, which would save us almost $2, giving us more than enough cap room. Between Parise and Prust, the choice is pretty obvious.

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