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11-14-2011, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
I was a bit short.

I can think of any number of motivations, some legitimate and some not. I guess his motives don't really matter--but that doesn't make him any more credible than the hundreds of former players and coaches who have lined up behind Paterno--many of whom have far better established reputations, and thus have much more to lose.

Is that a fairer way to put it?
It is. But as I've mentioned before, Paterno has worked long and hard to create his image and personality cult, and it isn't the real Paterno. Of course lots of people line up behind him, it's a result of the image he's established. But there are plenty who have seen his bad side, including my own grandfather, who got shafted by Paterno for nothing more than a small slight to his ego. Paterno knew about Sandusky in 98, and again in 02. He kept him around and under wraps because he knew what could happen to his precious legacy. Unfortunately, (well, fortunately) they weren't able to keep Sandusky brushed under the carpet.

Also, just because you disagree with Paterno's critics doesn't make them less credible.

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