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11-14-2011, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyers845 View Post
I guess you catch them on a bad day they can be cold. They are human too
In the case of Carter the times I met him were indoors, cozy and warm.

...Some players just seem to really enjoy meeting the fans and sign seemingly with the knowledge that it means a lot to the fans and they go the extra mile to get across to the fans that they too enjoy meeting them and appreciate their following... Briere is a perfect example -- I'm really not trying to put words into players' mouths... merely stating how I feel about it.

With some players -- such as Carter -- it is apparent that they do not really like it for one reason or another... They do so with a smile, but still with an air of indifference, and do not go that extra mile... They sign without really holding your eyes and at times while holding conversations with their attendants, as if they were doing something they know they have to do and are making sure that they are not bored in the process... It is fine if they do that I guess, it is what it is. From all I hear Carter will talk no hockey with people who talk to him but will talk their ears off if they talk fishing to him. In the end adults get what they want... and kids do also, as I'd imagine they are warmer to kids -- which IMO is what it is really all about -- how could they not.

Some players such as Giroux are young and feeling their way through the process and may not be as outgoing and are still kinda shy... In the end I find most Flyers players to be sociable, giving of their limited time off the ice and training, and they seem very sincere... Most.

Now I have to add that some of us fans are rude to them and also demanding... The worst of us are far worse than the worst of them, IMO.

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