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11-17-2005, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Drake1588
Philly is probably one of the few teams with the quality young forward depth to land Luongo, but the price would be astronomical.

Figure Keenan would probably be after any three of Pitkanen, Carter, Gagne, Richards. Is that price worth the best young goalie in the league? Yeah, probably, but it doesn't make sense for Philly to give up all that talent.
I feel like people are overstating Luongo's trade value!

Just make this one not-so-unlikely assumption: Luongo will leave because Florida sucks, thus Keenan will trade him to get something in return...

..And all we have to give is as much as other teams will. No team would give up players equivalent to Pitk, Richards, and Gagne to get Luongo, thus we don't have to. Keenan's hand is being forced more than ours so we don't have to chase his price, just market price.

To me, market price is something like a forward + defenseman + goalie + picks/throw-ins to even out value and cap room...carter/richards/handzus, hatcher and esche/nitty?..then trade nitty/esche in a package to replace hatcher and we're looking pretty solid with enough cap room for gagne + luongo next year.

I do agree that someone young and good will have to be traded, that goes without saying. But no non-rebuilding team willingly gives up their core players to get other core players, and if/when Luongo gets traded that will still be the case, even if he's not traded to the Flyers!

IMO, the key to making good trades is being able to walk away when your trading partner is not able to. That's how Ottawa scored Heatley, for instance....

Its quite possible that the initial assumption is wrong, and that Luongo is going to stay or that Keenan is just going to let him go to FA, or that he's not going to trade him til next year, but its atleast plausible.

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