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11-14-2011, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by usualsuspect434 View Post
Great thread. Much appreciated and timely for some questions I had about the process.

I live in Saskatchewan, so I don't get to see too many Flyer games in person. That being said, my dad managed to land some tickets to the Flyers/Jets game this Saturday - kind of an early Christmas present. Very much looking forward to it (obviously!)....hoping for a little defence this time around, but I wouldn't mind double digit goals again either.

Part 2 of the gift was that he got me a Schenn jersey (being a fellow Saskatoon boy) and he was hoping to get it signed, this weekend if possible. Do you guys have any idea what the road schedule is like? I know they play Thursday night in Philly. Would they practice Friday in Winnipeg, or is that just a travel day? If there IS a practice, any chance there's an opportunity to catch a signature??

And I guess backing it up a bit, do injured players even travel with the team? Would Schenn even be in the building, and if so, what would he be doing during the practice?

Sorry, lots of questions I know....I'm just trying to figure out the process and see if it's even possible to do this weekend. Might just be easier to ring his doorbell in the offseason (assuming he comes back to S'toon) but it wouldn't be as good a story!!


I'm almost sure that IR players do not travel with the team... at least not normally, not as a rule... Only if the player is a the point of being off IR and day to day, and might play on the trip. They stay put and rehab at their normal facility as far as I'm aware.

Now this being a 'special' game for him, in his home area, I suppose he could make the trip if up to it, and it doesn't adversely effect his rehab... but I would doubt it and if I were you I'd make plans to stop by his house this Off-Season.

But please keep in mind that I have no insider information on this... Good luck... and enjoy the upcoming Flyers win.

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