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11-14-2011, 11:22 PM
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Displeased with 4.80 PPG performance

As some of you know I have been cut from A for backwards skating and shooting even though I am a Center. Ever since I was sent down to house I have been dominant on a consistant bases but I am still displeased thinking that I could play rep. with the statline I have had:
Game 1: 2 Goals, 0 Assits in 7-6 Win
Game 2: 4 Goals, 0 Assits in 11-1 Win
----------------------- Got Traded to even out house to Game 2 Team-------------
Game 3: 4 Goals, 1 Assists in 8-12 Loss (scored 3 in the third)
Game 4: 5 Goals, 2 Assists in 12-7 Win (3 SHG)
Game 5: 5 Goals, 1 Assists in 12-8 Loss

Overall: 20 goals, 4 Assits in 5 games
Now I feel disappointed knowing that most of the guys that did not get cut would have not scored half of I would, even though I'm scoring at high rates it would feel the same knowing that I could be up there scoring and helping them out but instead stuck in Housewere it is just to simple . Is there anyway to deal with my indifference/disappointement with this.

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