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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Well, 50% of HRR based on last year's info would be $56.3m Cap per team.

1) 50% is the NHL's starting offer and will likely rise a couple percentage points.

2) You are assuming revenue won't go up at all. How do you figure that? NBC and Winnipeg alone is 6%, and that's assuming the rest of the league stagnates. For the revenue to stay the same, it means that outside of NBC and Winnipeg, the revenue went down 6%. Do you see that happening? Has that ever happened? No.

Even under the worst case scanario, the Rangers simply don't sign Prust and trade/dump Rupp, replacing them with someone cheap like Newbury and Deveaux. That would save us about $2.5 and we'd still have $7 to spend on Parise. Parise > Prust/Rupp.

But let me repeat this again. All of this is under the "worst case scenario." The odds that everything will go wrong (the revenue doesn't go up, Bettman doesn't move off his first offer, there are no salary rollbacks, free agents still make the same money, etc) are not very high.

Under any reasonable scenario where everything doesn't go wrong, the Rangers can sign a big-time free agent with room to spare for Prust, Rupp and and another million or two to play with. I'm not saying those free agents want to sign with us, but we most certainly have the money to to put in a legitimate bid.

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