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11-15-2011, 12:32 AM
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Cole's "hit" caught Enroth knee-to-knee. You don't catch goalies (with pads as thick as mattresses) knee-to-knee and honestly expect to hurt them there, or at least you should reasonably expect you could just as easily get hurt yourself. Cole was obviously careless going that close to the net, but the manner in which he made contact with Enroth is far less indicative of an intent to injure. Cole and Enroth were both knocked off balance by the hit, and the only reason Enroth appeared to get the worse of it is because he obviously sold it.

Miller did not collide with Lucic. By the time Lucic got there, Miller had stopped and completely played the puck away. Lucic was the only one still moving by that time. Lucic led with his shoulder, which is what players typically do when initiating contact, rather than being caught by surprise by it. Lucic proceeded to drive his arms up through Miller, spinning him around. Clear video and stills of Lucic with his fists raised up above Miller's head indiciates a clear intent on Lucic's part to instigate contact, and follow through with it. Lucic did not lose balance from the hit, was in control over his own momentum, and stopped just past Miller, looking down on him.

It's really apples and oranges.

If you don't think any other skater could have avoided contact with Miller in that case, a. I question your judgment of the talent of NHL skaters (he had ample time and space to veer ever so slightly to the left if he had not wanted to hit Miller); and b. that still doesn't account for why he followed through with his arms. You think no NHL skater could keep his arms down either? It would be the natural thing to do if he had been caught off-guard by the contact.

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