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11-15-2011, 03:42 AM
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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
Seriously guy, posts like this are we I no longer post on New York Knicks boards. Not ripping the other team off in a trade =/= getting ripped off, especially when dealing from a position of strength and filling a hole.
dude if you're referring to the stewart/shattenkirk/johnson trade, you're just plain wrong. every major analyst said that St. Louis won the deal. And if you watch St. Louis and Colorado games, you'd know they're right. Johnson is not a top 10 d man. Stewart is a Top 10 power forward. Right there i'd say it's over.

Would you make this trade again? If you say yes.... ***hf boards won't let me post the rest of this sentence***

100000000000$ says st. louis finishes ahead of Colorado at the end of the season. Whether you think that is a fair measure of who won the trade or not is irrelevant. Why? Because it IS a fair measure of our GM due to the fact that Colorado had a much more promising future just a few short seasons ago.

Look, if you think Sherman is a good GM, fine. Believe what you will, but consider this a warning. he's awful. that's the truth and I think in a season or two, those of you who disagree now... will probably be calling for his head in the future.

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