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Originally Posted by FreshFitted67 View Post
dude if you're referring to the stewart/shattenkirk/johnson trade, you're just plain wrong. every major analyst said that St. Louis won the deal. And if you watch St. Louis and Colorado games, you'd know they're right. Johnson is not a top 10 d man. Stewart is a Top 10 power forward. Right there i'd say it's over.

Would you make this trade again? If you say yes.... ***hf boards won't let me post the rest of this sentence***

100000000000$ says st. louis finishes ahead of Colorado at the end of the season. Whether you think that is a fair measure of who won the trade or not is irrelevant. Why? Because it IS a fair measure of our GM due to the fact that Colorado had a much more promising future just a few short seasons ago.

Look, if you think Sherman is a good GM, fine. Believe what you will, but consider this a warning. he's awful. that's the truth and I think in a season or two, those of you who disagree now... will probably be calling for his head in the future.
Let's just say that I believe that you are significantly over-rating Stewart because of his potential while ignoring his shortcomings and inconsistency and under-rating EJ because of his inconsistency while ignoring his potential. Top 10 wingers in the NHL score more than 28 goals a year, just like top tier #1 Dmen don't make the mistakes EJ makes.

Additionally you seem to think this is a deal were we'll be able to determine that one team clearly won in less than 3 years, which I find asinine. Personally I think both teams won that trade, the Blues added a good young PMD, a super streaky but super talented winger and a 2nd round pick while losing their first rounder, a big minute Dman that they had a replacement for and a good PKer, so they didn't open any holes in their organization while stocking up in some areas they weren't as deep. We added a big minute Dman who's still streaky but is even more superbly gifted than MBP, a top 11 pick that became another big strong Dman who can really skate and solid bottom 6er while giving up a PMD who we had replacements for, a 2nd round pick and a 28 goal scorer.

I'd definitely do this trade again, I'd do this trade 8 times out of 10. But how good of an idea that turns out to be won't be clear for years until we see these guys actually hit their primes. If EJ follows the Chara or Pronger career path, Siemens turns into a left handed Seabrook while Shatty plateau's due to his size and Stewie's inconsistency never gets better, then we would win this trade by a landslide regardless of what happens this season or even next.

As for our future being more promising a few seasons ago I disagree immensely. We had a career backup goalie nearing 30 and no Dman who could actually play top 4 minutes without being a liability in his own zone. Our young core is much more balanced now with Varly, EJ, Dutchy, Staz, Radar, Lando, Quincey, Jones and all of the kids who haven't made the NHL yet, give them a few years to grow out of their inconsistencies and this is a core that can win cups in their prime. Which IMO is a GM's job.

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