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11-15-2011, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Blitz View Post
Respectfully disagree Zip,

NJ would be adding $600K to the books to save $3.4M - makes pretty good financial sense to me.
The bankruptcy process is a tricky animal. Creditors are king. You are essentially their *****. They may not care about next season if they think this process will be taken care of by then.

Originally Posted by Blitz View Post
Lack of size/toughness is a need right now, never mind next years needs... Zubrus can fix that problem fairly quickly, not to mention he plays centre way better than Boyes, which is another need of ours. Realistically, we are going to have to move somebody (Leo, Sekera, Grags) from the back-end by next season anyhow - we simply can't have $20M+ tied up on 6.5 d-men, it's ridiculous!!!

We also have Kassian, Foligno, Tropp, Scheistel & McNabb nearing NHL ready on ELC's which will help with our options for next year, and with Kotalik & Morrisonn off the books it leaves the door open for Rochester for some salary dumping should we need it.

IMO, Dainius is an ideal candidate to go after right now - he would address a couple current needs, add a slight cap relief for this year ($600K - that's enough to keep Ellis or Grags up), and could likely be had fairly reasonably.
I'm completely aware of all these things. I still think Zubrus is better at wing than center, and we don't need another wing and we definitely don't need another wing masquerading as a center. (Obviously, NJ's center depth is as bad or worse than ours, hence why he's playing there.). I don't mind Zubrus, but I think he restricts how much this team can improve itself in the offseason, and I don't think he's a cure-all for this team.

If we're trading Boyes--and I hope we do at some point--I want a good deal more in cap space in addition to whomever we're acquiring. Ideally, said defensive forward will be around $2m in cap hit, which will allow for another move at the deadline. The OP is not terrible--and you know I tell you when your proposals are terrible--it's just not one I'd do. Agreeing to disagree is fine.

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