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11-15-2011, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
Gotta love it when posters base their lineup on how they wish players were playing rather than how they actually are. C'mon man, Spacek traded? He's been our most steady dman. Weber/Diaz/Campoli above Gill? Do you value penalty killing at all?
I stated the reason dude. He's a pending UFA and due to how he's playing would have value.

Also if you don't think Campoli can replace the presence of Spacek imo you're wrong. He may not be the best player in the world but he's costing us 1.75 mil anyways and we have like 9 D.

Gill has been awful this season in nearly every facet of the game and I'm normally a Gill fan. I know he'll show up in the playoffs when it matters but you make it sound like he's been stellar. With Markov/Campoli both back we would be fine without the presence of Gill/Spacek. Spacek has been solid, hence why we'll get a pick for him. Better than losing him for nothing and if you think this is the year then you're even crazier than I am for wanting to get a pick out of a pending UFA.

You make it sound like I said Spacek sucks which I didn't. All I said is that he's the pending UFA we'll get something for. The way Gill has played he won't fetch anything, maybe a 7th at best. Remember what we paid for Sopel. We could get a similar return for Spacek but the way Gill has been playing I doubt we'd even hear many offers. Plus since Gill shows up in the PO I'd rather hold onto him versus Spacek.

I didn't base ANYTHING about my lineup on how I wish players were playing, nice job making a very bad assumption though even though in my OP I explained why I'd do the moves I'd do

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