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11-15-2011, 01:22 PM
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This thread is lol worthy.

How can anybody start talking about his goal to assist ratio without actually watching him play. Maybe every time he turns on the jets no one can keep up with him...Maybe his line mates have no clue how to get open or how to be in the right position to help on scoring opportunities. It is also possible that he is just a puck hog too.

On my over 35 rec team I have a winger who does not have a clue how to get open. Most of the time he can't find a way to get in a passing lane on a 2-1. We have discussed it on the bench that he should just slow down a bit so I can give him a soft pass that he can easily step into but he just can't seem to put it together. So what are the options? Throw him a hot pass that he wouldn't corral 1 time in 10? There are still ways to get the puck to him but the opportunities are just not there like they would be with a guys who gets it.

As much as I wish it I can't turn this guy into a goal scorer so why would that be on me? I have gift wrapped about 30 scoring chances for him this year and he has 2 goals. Besides it's rec hockey which is basically house league for grown ups. We laugh about it, have fun and he tries his best but is the first to make fun of his lack of talent.

Should I score less often to keep my goal to assist ratio optimal??

Also, I don't know what OP's league is like but in Canada there is no body checking anymore at the house league level. This drastically limits how well you can play defensively and forces the scores to go up. And lets face it, defense is not a priority in house league hockey any way.

The flip side is that the thread is a thinly veiled "I score 5 goals a game" brag anyway.


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