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11-15-2011, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
*shrug* well that sucks for you. I'm happy to wait on this team to grow into the well balanced well rounded team that this core should become. What you describe as lacking an identity is faulty to me since you're gripe seems to be that we're opting for balance rather than putting all of our eggs into one basket of being either a high scoring team or defensive team, which IMO is stupid since the best teams do both very well. We didn't overcompensate going for size, we focused on adding size in the offseason because we had speedy blueliners coming up the pipeline quick, so finding some big guys who could play in the NHL when the kids made it was very important since we only really have Gaunce as a guy who's close in the pipeline and now Siemens as another big body that'll be added to the fray down the road.

I want a team that has a great goalie a very tough Blueline that has offensive flare and can roll 3 quality scoring lines up front...that's the team we're assembling, everyone still needs to get better, some kids need to make it into the show and we need to bolster our winger depth, but those aren't massively complicated problems for a team to solve over the next 2 years or so we have before we'll be serious about making a deep playoff run.
Fair enough. If the team rewards your confidence I have no problem eating a hearty helping of crow.

I suppose I can at least be comforted by the fact that we're not Columbus, who added two very expensive pieces (the wrong ones, I might add) and now don't even have the cap room to fix things. Conversely, we're not the Islanders either, who went even worse than cheap and signed a few guys off of PTOs. Predictably, both teams are sitting in last place in their respective conferences.

As far as identity, sure I want balance. Vancouver proved last season you can be the highest scoring team in the league AND the most stingy defensively at the same time. I don't want a run-and-gun squad or a tight-checking, trap-happy team either. I'm being more specific about identity, and how they're nowhere close to being the team coaching and management has stressed they wanted to be. In fact they're father away from that ideal than they ever were, and that concerns me. It REALLY concerns me that they seemingly took a step back in their development in the same year they traded their first round pick.

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