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10-31-2003, 06:37 AM
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Cloutier stole the game fro the Nuck but the rest of the team played their roles well too. Kudos to the Nucks for stealing one from us. Great job.

Kudos also to the Kings for playing their first real game of the season. We did lose but for once this year we saw a physical effort. We saw a team playing desperate hockey and it was great. Our total SOG allowed was 15 late in the third and I stopped paying attention after awhile so I don't know what it ended up as but that is GREAT team D. Chech looked awful and Huet looked great. CH could have saved the one he let in but I think that if he was given the start that the game would have been a 1 1 tie. RC shows signs of being the dominant goalie that he has been in philly but until he starts playing consistantly solid I would start Huet.

I think that I saw the worst game that AM has coached since he became our top dog and if you read between the lines of what he said after the game on fox (I tape the games) he sure was quick to lay blame. In fact, he has done ALLOT more of that this year then he has during his tenure as our coach. I have this feeling that HE will be the first to suffer if we don't start playing well soon. (within the next 11 games or so)

I am also wondering if it might not be time for the change. Now, I am not one of those "WE LOST SO FIRE OUR HIGH SCHOOL COACH" guys. He has more than shown that he is a very good NHL coach and that he belongs. I do think though, that we are beggining to see the same pattern of lack of TEAM effort that we saw most of last year. Now, I would continue to say that it is all because of injuries and that might be the reason, but, it is starting to look like the team might not be responding to him anymore and while that is unfortunate, it does happen in sports and if that is the case then there is really only one sure fire way to fix it. I hope it doesn't come to that because I like AM and would hate to see him go. However, if that is what it takes to make the team actually play the way they did last night EVERY GAME then I could live with it.

Look at what Nolan did with a far inferior team in Buff. Of course, I wouldn't advocate the moving of AM for awhile longer and then only if we had the right person in mind. It would be stupid and poor business to move him for an "interum" coaching situation with the coming CBA. IF it comes down to moving AM then it should either be at the end of the season OR if we have the right replacement in place. I think that we will be fine and that the team will bounce back and play well enough to keep us in it until blah blah blah and blah blah blah blah get back and that when that happens that we will see the team that is so great on paper take control. Of course, if that doesn't happen, I would expect to see AM sacrificed by the mid point or around there.

Congrats to the idiots who called into Kings Talk. Thank you for the obvious "When will" question that the lame HAVE to ask every freaking time ANYONE from the org stands still for a second.

Thank you also for the "DT DID NOTHING THIS OFFSEASON" BS that seems to be a growing opinion on the other board and among the lame that dominate Kings Talk. I would only answe them with, Look at our roster and compare this years and last years and then call me back. I also get a kick out of the "WE SHOULD HAVE SIGNED FEDS" camp. The guy is going to be almost 40 when his contract is over and with the exception of last year, HIS CONTRACT YEAR, he has averaged 67 points per season. $8 mill for 67 points, that's a great deal. Prospal is sure showing why he is worth the big money also. Look for another stellar 55 point season from him for the $4 per that he gets. (approx) They weren't worth the money. I am not going to go through that whole nightmare again but lets just say that the team is playing like it is missing its top two offensive players and like a team that has guys trying to do things that they aren't capable of doing every night. Now that Matty and Miller are back our D will be solid most nights and when Stympy gets back we will look better on O as well.

Of course, as long as AM uses guys like Frolov on our energy line and doesn't give Ebell any more responsibility then playing as a checking center I tend to think that our weaknesses will be easy to exploit but our talent will help us beat the weaker teams of the league, like we were doing at the beggining of the season.

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