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11-15-2011, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by piston View Post
I think the views expressed here are extremely naive. Yes, I believe the players are happy with the current set up as are the large market teams. There are too many teams losing gobs of money and in or near bankruptcy to sustain the current system. The steady rise of the salary floor, which moves in tandem with the cap, is killing the small markets. I predict the owners will exercise their right to opt out of the CBA next season, and that the resulting labor problems will be highly contentious.
I think in this case I would be on the side of the players if they insisted on increased revenue sharing. The owners are after all in reality partners and only friendly competitors.

I don't think the players should be seeking a bigger share of the revenue pie.

The practice of burying players with bad contracts in the minors needs to go away as well.

Those are the major things I think the next CBA needs to address.

If the players get stupid and ask for a lower UFA age, I expect the owners to introduce the idea of eliminating guaranteed contracts.

I am hoping all of the parties involved in the NHL don't have short memories and are paying attention to the NBA situation. A work stoppage will not help either side this time, as it did the owners last time.

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