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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
Yes! You can have a great slapshot, as said it's technique and correct flex helps also.

There are many video's online to show the technique. These helped me a lot.

I am almost exactly your size and found that a 65 flex (intermediate) shaft is so perfect for our weight. Also the lie must be correct for a good hard shot.
:O!!!!! You use a 65 flex.....:O

Oh my god, lol I'm 125 and 5'6 and I use a 90 flex and I don't think its stiff enough...Maybe I'm just stronger or something but I never got the right whip on my slappers and enough flex on my wristers with anything under 77.

I always break sticks when I used like 52-70 they just snapped like twigs.

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