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11-15-2011, 04:00 PM
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Watching the Flyers Over the Internet

Here's the thing... Just got a call from a friend who grew up in South Jersey and has been living in Brooklyn. He was interested in watching the Flyers up there... He doesn't have Cable and was interested in options.

I know there are unofficial sites on he 'Net where games are streamed... but I believe they move around and are not easy to keep up with... I know with MLB there is a package through where you can purchase IIRC monthly and seasonal packages... I assumed the NHL had a similar deal and went to to find it. What I found was not that but a confusing group of drop down menus for various things, but none that I can find that is like MLB's -- there are options for Android and IPhone and IPad and Viera TVs and LG TVs, etc. -- I could swear I read on HFBoards about such a service, and it may just be me, but damn if I can find the right spot.

Can anyone help to find a way for him to follow the Flyers... either through free streaming or a reasonable on-line package?

Also, he is interested in paying through a check rather than through Credit Cards... I know some services use PayPal or allow Electronic Checking, the pay service would have to have a payment option other than a Credit Card... I can pass on any URL to him.

Much thanks in advance.

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