Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Habs call-up Frederic St-Denis
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11-15-2011, 08:16 PM
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Haha, I hate when people pat themselves on the back over silly things but this is just kinda funny, I just posted this in the Dogs thread on Sunday;

Originally Posted by TroyM View Post
Seems like the most appropriate place to say this, I gotta give props to St-Denis! Nobody really ever mentions him, so I felt it needed to be said. This is a guy I remember when he first showed up in our system and couldn't secure his spot in Hamilton, went down to Cincinnati.

He had a pretty good year there, and I never really figured he'd even crack the Dogs in a full time position. Then two years ago he has a solid full rookie year in the AHL, and again I think well he'll probably be a solid 5-6th in the AHL for a few years at best. Cut to last year and once again he gets better and he becomes one of Hamilton's most important defenseman,

Now this year he's off to his best start yet and is Hamilton's second leading scorer with 8 points in 14 games. And, once again, he has surprised me!

He also looked quite solid in his pre-season games I thought amongst almost NHL-calibre opposition. He is now definitely a guy I think will continue to be one of Hamilton's best hopefully for years to come and maybe find himself in the NHL for a brief stint, likely not with us as we have a glut of upcoming talent but with another team.

Kind of a weird shout-out to give, but what can I say, I like underdogs and surprises and I feel like he is both!
Never expected it to turn out like some sort of weird premonition! Well I am certainly impressed with him, even though like everyone it sucks we are this point, but still, good for the kid. I hope he plays a solid game and maybe makes his name more recognizable! I'll be rooting for him, but also rooting for him to return to the Dogs soon, heh

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